Revelations Of The Nintendo Generation Vol​.​4 (Album) /​/​/​/​Free Download​/​/​/​/ [Future Bass​,​Made From Nintendo DS]

by SINthetik Messiah



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Bug Gigabyte composed a multitude of songs on the KORG DS-10. (Published by XSEED Games for the Nintendo DS) Korg DS-10 is a music creation program for the Nintendo DS that emulates the Korg MS range of synthesizers. (The DS-10 creates sound with two analogue synthesizer emulators, each with two Voltage-Controlled Oscillators. The VCOs feature a sawtooth, a pulse, a triangle and a noise waveform. There is also a four-part drum machine that uses the same sound creation techniques as the synthesizers.) The sounds made by each of the synthesizer emulators are modified using virtual knobs to change the value of standard synthesizer parameters such as cutoff frequency and waveform shape. Additionally there is a screen where users can patch certain parameters to be modified by an LFO, the envelope generator, or VCO2. The raw tracks from the Nintendo DS were then brought in to Bug Gigabyte's digital audio work station mastered with a layer of reverb on top to create a bigger sound. These are the raw versions of ds1,ds2, and ds3. The Fourth volume of the series.


released June 13, 2017

Sound Design and Production: Bug Gigabyte



all rights reserved


SINthetik Messiah Lafayette, Louisiana

International multi-genre experimental project homegrown on the bayous of the dirty south.(Louisiana)

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